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    Hypno shoes skate

    Walk or skate in just one simple move with Hypno shoes skate.

    Skate or walk, a choice you can make in just one simple move and without even having to change shoes with our shoes skate. We've spent years putting all our effort into giving you a high-tech skate with maximum walking comfort, roller skate or inline skate, shoes skate to skate or walk with just one simple move. Hypno is technology, our shoes skate become roller skate or inline skate in just one move. You can take your skate where you want, just put the chassis in your bag and when you want to skate pull them out and connect them with your shoes skate and go! Our renewed model is proof of Hypno superiority in this field.

    Hypno shoes skate, roller skate and inline skate.

    Desideriamo informarvi che MGM rimarrĂ  chiusa per le vacanze estive dal giorno 11 al giorno 24 agosto compresi. Durante il periodo di chiusura non saranno possibili spedizioni, ne accettati resi. Le spedizioni riprenderanno dal giorno 25 agosto 2014.

    We would like to inform you that MGM will be closed for the summer holidays from August 11th to 24th. During those days, it will NOT be possible for us to pick, pack or ship out any products. Moreover, we won't be able to accept any returns. Shipments will be starting again on August 25th 2014.

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